What If You Had to Spend a Year at Home

Date: 2020-11-23 10:13:13


How long can one go without human interaction? Is a screen able to replace a real talk, live communication, touch on the hand, or a pat on the back? What would happen to you if you were isolated for a year? Okay, imagine someone grabbed you, put a sack on your head, drove you for the better part of an hour, took away your smartphone, and then… threw you back in your home? You get up and notice a small piece of paper on the floor, next to the door. You pick it up, unfold it, and read the words written on it: “365 days. Then you’re free.”

Turns out you have a fridge full of food for a week and access to the Internet but can’t reach out to anyone except with text messages. Even worse, everybody thinks you’ve gone to another country, and even your boss allowed you to work remotely. Your messages asking for help transform as soon as you send them, so you can’t tell anyone the truth. You’re on your own now, and a feeling of despair starts to gnaw on you… We love to explore all kinds of what-if scenarios. Some of them are a bit crazy but – hey! – the world IS a crazy place!


Day 2 0:54
Day 7 1:22
Day 30 2:27
Day 60 3:15
Day 63 4:08
Day 90 4:34
Day 180 5:36
Day 240 6:40
Day 270 7:36

Music by Epidemic Sound

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