What If You Had to Live Underwater for Years

Date: 2020-01-05 11:00:00


How long can you hold your breath underwater? Aleix Segura Vendrell, a professional free diver from Spain, managed to hold his breath for 24 minutes and 4 seconds. I know, it’s hard to wrap your mind around. But it got me wondering: could people live underwater?

Come to think of it, living underwater would have loads of advantages. For example, hurricanes and tsunamis wouldn’t be dangerous anymore: in a deep-water house, you wouldn’t even feel the raging waves. You wouldn’t need a swimming pool if you decided to throw a pool party. But if people had to spend their lives in the water, they’d have to evolve and turn into a completely different species…

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It’s too cold, it’s too dark 1:25
Underwater communication 2:12
Human skin breaks down in the water 3:10
Can underwater cities exist? 4:29
What would we eat? 6:27
Btw, this technology does exist! (Wait, what?!) 7:50

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– Your muscles are built to help you move on land. That’s why, if you spent all your time underwater, they would atrophy, and you’d become incredibly weak.
– Your limbs aren’t the most effective implements when it comes to swimming. That’s why you’d also have to grow fins.
– At a depth of 650 ft, it would already be too dark for you to see anything. And don’t forget about the water pressure!
– Your ears and eyes have been developing for thousands of years to work in the air. That’s why underwater communication would be a huge challenge.
– Scientists still don’t understand the reasons completely, but when you spend too much time in the water, your skin starts to break down.
– However, scientists don’t deny that one day, genetics might go as far as to modify humans so that they’re able to live underwater!
– Underwater cities and colonies wouldn’t be built deeper than 1,000 feet. Any deeper than that and the structures, along with their inhabitants, would collapse under the incredible pressure.
– Plus, people wouldn’t only have to solve the problem of oxygen supply, but also figure out how to maintain the correct ratio of various air components.
– One of the main problems in underwater colonies would be an infection. If someone got sick in such an enclosed space, the virus would spread very fast.
– But at least underwater colonies wouldn’t suffer from a lack of food! Living on the ocean floor, you’d get access to all the seafood you can find there (and that’s a lot!).
– People could set up farms raising shrimp and fish, which are perfect sources of protein.
– It would be possible to grow special plants for making ecologically friendly fuel, such as biodiesel, more cheaply.
– The technology to make underwater colonies possible already exists! These colonies can easily support up to 100 people, and scientists are working on ways to make this number bigger.
– The main problems so far are creating working evacuation routes, figuring out how to get enough air, and how to make the environment humid enough.

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