What If You Had to Live a Day in the Stone Age

Date: 2019-12-11 18:00:02


Imagine you just wake up one day and there’s no electricity, no internet, no money, and no work or school. Nothing you’re used to! You’re not even in your own home, because you’ve magically transported to the Stone Age. What could possibly happen next?

Of course, your first reaction would be shock, but we’ll move past that. First, let’s look around. This is your cave where you live with your family. You have your own sleeping area that’s covered with animal skin. However, you might also live in a primitive hut supported by mammoth tusks and ribs, with an animal skin over it as protection from the rain. And if you’re wondering where the Stone Age people did their business, don’t be surprised to find out it was basically anywhere outdoors.

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Your outfit for today 1:10
What you’d look like in the Stone Age 2:22
It’s time for breakfast! 2:48
The Stone Age tools 3:59
You’re about to go hunting! 5:09
Fishing in the Stone Age 8:01

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– Back in the day, humans used the skins of the animals they hunted to create simple, rough loincloths. To make the skin more flexible, they had to chew it.
– What about footwear? Scientists believe it appeared about 40,000 years ago.
– Ancient humans chose caves or built huts in the safest places they could find.
– See, you’re not that much different from the modern you. Just your hair is a mess and you might be a few inches smaller with a more developed jaw because of the harsh diet.
– Now it’s time for breakfast! Luckily, you have some leftovers from dinner – eggs, wild fruits, and berries.
-Thankfully, the Ice Age is long gone, so the weather is warm, and lush greenery is in abundance. That’s good for you since you have to pick different edible plants, nuts, fruits, and wild grains.
– The Stone Age folks usually united in groups of 20-50 and helped each other survive.
– To separate the grains from the husks, take a stone bowl and a small grinding stone and grind the grains. Now, if you mix smashed grains with water, you’ll get gruel.
– The Stone Age people survived because they did almost everything together, so call up your camp neighbors and get ready.
– How did humans communicate back then? At the very beginning of the Stone Age, they only used different cries and gestures to express their fear, joy, pain or to alert the others about some danger.
– The first and most primitive things used for taking animals down were long sharpened wooden sticks, and just a big rock.
– There were two main hunting techniques back then. The first was rather time-consuming, but safer. It included digging a huge hole around the place where animals went to drink water.
– Another technique was all about group chasing the animal and forcing it into the mud and water channels where they had no way to get out.
– Fishing nets were made of tree bark and grass. The oldest one found by archeologists dates back to 8300 BCE.
– The Stone Age life was anything but easy. But still, humans had some kind of entertainment. No, you’re not going to an amusement park or a cinema. But you can pass the time playing music on the flutes made from bird bones and mammoth ivory.

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