What If You Had No Fingerprints

Date: 2019-12-01 17:00:08


What role do fingerprints play in our lives? Yes, detective movies give a clear answer to this question. Also, scientists have only recently found out that fingerprints serve a person as the main mechanism of touch. Without them, it’d be difficult for you to read information and interact with whatever you’re touching or holding in your hands.

Patterns on the fingers play a very important role in the fine motor skills of the hands. Thanks to them, we can easily separate thin pages of paper from each other, type on a keyboard, get cards and money from our wallets, play the piano, guitar, etc. But besides that, could fingerprints determine your character?

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How about Gadgets? 0:24
Temperature 1:37
Sensitivity 2:22
Identification and uniqueness 3:25
Let’s talk about Touch 6:08
Main types of fingerprints 7:26

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– A very sensitive temperature sensor is located on our palms. Remember that when you’re sitting at a campfire in nature, you’re constantly stretching out your hands in its direction. Also in cold weather, you feel your hands freeze faster than the rest of your body.
– Every print of every person is unique. The probability that you’ll meet someone with the same finger pattern as yours is 1 in 64 million. Even for twins with the same DNA, the prints vary.
– In Ancient Babylon, about 2000 BCE, people left prints on clay tablets as a signature. Then, in the 5-7 centuries, they were used in China for the same purpose.
– Scientists have recorded rare cases when a person was born with absolutely smooth fingers, void of prints. Such cases in medicine are considered a manifestation of a rare genetic tendency.
– In addition to fingerprints, people also have unique prints on their tongue and feet. And with cats and dogs, nose prints are unique.
– The patterns on our fingers can also be an additional tool for reading information. An excellent testimony of this is massage therapists.
– Each fingerprint is unique, but nevertheless, there are only three main types of patterns for them: an arch, loops, and a whorl.
– The first type is the arch. People with these prints are very responsible, calm and balanced. They don’t get mad easily.
– The next type is the loop. People with this pattern on their fingers put self-expression and self-development in first place, even if it doesn’t bring material benefits.
– And the last type is the whorl. The predominance of whorls speaks of well-developed logical and analytical thinking. People with this pattern are better at learning new languages and math.

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