What If You Grew One Inch a Day

Date: 2022-03-25 15:24:51


According to scientists, your genetics determine your height between 60%-85%. If you eat well, you’ll likely reach your genetically predetermined height, possibly a little taller. But what if you grew one inch a day? How tall would you become? How about as tall as a mountain or as tall as a skyscraper…

How tall is too tall if you continued growing? If you had a chance to become taller, would you take it? Just think about it: you wake up in the morning, head to the kitchen to make your coffee – and your head touches the ceiling.


You wake up 00:00
New job 00:40
Exciting research 01:13
Only chance to change 02:08
The following day 03:20
You’re growing 04:10
9 feet tall 05:00
Man in parachute 06:25
Fixing roof 07:10
Dangerous substance 08:05
Those who need help 09:50

Animation is created by Bright Side.
Music by Epidemic Sound

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