What If You Ate Expired Eggs By Accident

Date: 2019-12-08 11:00:09


So…you’ve got some expired food lying around. Is that “Sell By” date really a line you don’t want to cross? If you’re on a budget, you’ve probably tossed around the idea of eating the food anyway. What’s the worst that could happen? There are some things you should be aware of.

Take, for example, chicken. Here’s where the expiration date on the packaging really is a hard rule. If you DO eat some undercooked or expired chicken, stop eating and drinking for a while to give your tummy a break, since the bad chicken could wreak havoc on your digestive system. What about other products?

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– The main concern with spoiled eggs is salmonella poisoning since eggs come from chickens. You’d feel stomach pain, chills, and develop a fever.
– Drinking any kind of expired milk will result in the same: you’ll have some serious stomach cramps and digestive problems for a couple days.
– If you eat expired cheese, it’s likely that nothing will happen to your body; unless you’re lactose-intolerant, your digestive system knows how to break down and get rid of the mold in cheese.
– Now, that’s not to say that it’s okay to eat the mold on cheese. Always, always cut out any mold you see on your cheese. Once you cut out the mold, the rest of the cheese should be okay. If it’s truly gone bad, it’ll smell like ammonia.
– Products like bread—and other foods in the grain family—can grow aflatoxin, which is one of the most widespread and highly studied molds in the world.
– Deli meat is especially prone to growing a bacterium called listeria. It causes the symptoms that most food poisoning does, but in advanced cases, it can cause dizziness, a stiff neck, confusion, and muscle aches.
– Salmonella poisoning can send you straight to the hospital. If the chicken is already contaminated with it, eating it expired or undercooked compounds the risk of getting sick.
– Have you ever pulled out your bag of potatoes and noticed some yellowish or greenish sprouts growing on them? This means that your potatoes have gone bad to some degree.
– There are two kinds of poisoning that you can get from eating rancid fish: scombroid and ciguatera.
– Scombroid is the result of improperly refrigerating fish from the time it’s caught to when it gets to your table. Ciguatera is the result of eating fish that eat other fish that have come in contact with the ciguatera bacteria.

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