What If You Ate 100,000 Calories in One Day

Date: 2019-12-15 11:00:09


We’re all familiar with that certain sting of guilt that comes after a good meal that was way too much. Most of us are trying to maintain our health and level of fitness, while the media is teeming with warnings about extra calories.

Calories are generally a unit of measurement used to determine the amount of energy contained inside of something. Just like rocket fuel provides the rocket with energy – people use food for fuel. An average human burns 2,500 calories throughout the day. So you need to consume relatively the same 2,500 calories in a day to maintain yourself in the same shape you currently are. But what would happen if you ate 100,000 calories in a single day? Is that even possible?

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– An average human burns 2,500 calories throughout the day, depending on their size and metabolism. That’s more than enough energy to boil a little under 2 gallons of water.
– 100,000 calories is an energy value of 42 gallons of whole milk – that’s a bathtub filled to the brim with milk we’re talking about.
– That would be a pepperoni pizza roughly 100 ft in diameter. Or, if you prefer burgers, it would about 300 reasonably sized cheeseburgers.
– If yes, then you need to consider your future as an absolute champion in competitive eating. There are a lot of them around the globe.
– The champions among them claim to have eaten up to 200,000 calories during one such tour from one contest to another.
– One competitive eater stated that he once chewed his way through as much as 20,000 calories in one meal.
– But these people are surprisingly fit, spending most of their days eating pretty humble meals and doing a ton of hardcore workouts in a gym.
– Remember, anything even remotely close to the competitive eating standards of over 10,000 calories is extremely dangerous, and can be approached only by trained people.
– Men can naturally eat more than women, and a growing and maturing teenager can eat much more than just about anyone.
– The sensation of the Olympic Games, American swimmer Michael Phelps, is also an eater of Olympic scale.
– Three fried eggs, toast with a lot of vegetables, a five-egg omelet, three French toasts, a bowl of grits and two cups of coffee – that’s just breakfast!
– For an ordinary person, anything beyond 2,500 calories per day would lead to gaining excess weight.
– 100,000 calories worth of food would be equal to 29 pounds of pure fat.
– But having body fat is only half of the problem, the real problems begin when around 10% of this fat turns into so-called visceral fat.
– An overweight person is also more likely to have problems with internal balance, sweating, and most of all – with the heart pumping like it’s going to blow up.

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