What If We Weren’t Alone on the Planet

Date: 2019-12-01 03:00:03


As far as we know today, humanity is the only intelligent species there is. And while astronomers keep searching for extraterrestrials, it got me thinking: what if some other sentient lifeform were right here on Earth? What would they be and what would it mean for us?

Think about it: even if we find some other civilization among the stars, how prepared would we be to meet another intelligent being that isn’t human? It could become a problem for us. But if we were used to sharing our home with other non-human civilizations, we’d be much more equipped to engage in negotiations with aliens.

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Did you know that humans lived with Neanderthals❓ 1:21
Our closest rivals in the way of intelligence 3:16
What if we ended up with space refugees? 6:21
And what about… artificial Intelligence? 7:54

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– Several scenarios could lead us to share our planet with another sentient species. They could’ve evolved for millions of years alongside us. They might come here from another place somewhere among the stars.
– Neanderthals looked very much like us and were also ancestors of primates. Their brains were even bigger than ours, and they used tools and cooked food.
– There’s evidence in some remains found in the territory of today’s Europe that humans lived with Neanderthals.
– If Neanderthals lived with us and never went extinct, we probably wouldn’t even notice them now.
– Our prime candidates are not primate at all. Some social monkey-like creatures, like chimpanzees or gorillas, are capable of using simple tools and communicating with each other.
– Dolphins, though – they’re our closest rivals in the way of intelligence.
– It’s already been proved that dolphins and some toothed whales have a complex system of signals, which even include calling each other by names. Their intelligence is quite developed, but absolutely alien to ours.
– Considering all that, a hypothetical world where we share our home planet with an intelligent ocean species is looking pretty good.
– Another possibility, yet quite outlandish is that we, after all, will meet extraterrestrial intelligent life.
– These aliens will probably be unfathomably different from us, but they’ll certainly be social enough to show us more advanced science and engineering than ours.
– Their science might allow them to use something we have in abundance as a source of energy or food.
– We’re already becoming an excellent training ground for developing stable relationships with a vastly different kind of intelligence.
– The challenge with AI is that it has no bodily limits. It doesn’t need us as much as we would probably need it.
– Yet, the AI that we have now is a good way to prepare ourselves and make the best of it in every possible way.

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