What If We Turned Back into Apes?

Date: 2020-01-12 17:00:04


The theory of evolution rests on the idea of mutation. Scientists think it took 3.5 billion years for us to evolve from single-celled organisms into our present state. If true, this means we are still mutating and evolving today. And we could, potentially, evolve in any direction. Maybe we’ll develop flight? Or transparency!

But what if some of our older genes re-emerged? Could we de-volve into something closer to the ape-like form of every primate’s common ancestor? What if, one morning we woke up, looked in the mirror, and found the “missing link” staring back at us?

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Is de-evolution possible altogether? 0:28
It would be good for the planet 1:19
The new focus for technology 2:07
Changes for the clothing industry 2:34
The rise of camping industry 4:22
New approach to money 5:07
Changes in mouths size and speech 6:32
Super strength and new sports 7:51
Still social creatures 8:58

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-De-evolution is not as far-fetched as it sounds. We only differ from our cousins, the chimpanzees, in about 2% of our genetic make-up.
-This planet would be less concrete and more greenery – since primates spend a lot of their time in trees, our ape descendants would likely make reforesting the planet a priority.
-The focus for technology will likely be on solar power since we’ll be up in the trees right under the sun.
-The once-massive clothing industry would vanish, and the fur accessory industry will explode. While we won’t need shirts, we may need twice as many shoes and hands-free technology will develop.
-The camping industry will morph into something more like today’s household goods industry.
-We’d most likely switch to barter system and speculators will invest in the banana market.
-Once we go back to our ape form and mouths will get bigger, once crowded teeth will have plenty of room. Since apes have trouble with pronunciation, it will affect speech.
-Our new ape form will triple our strength, and tree-friendly alternatives to sports where the running is replaced by swinging will become popular.
-We’ll still be just as social as we are today – primates in general live in groups.

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