What If We Dig a Hole That Swallows All Earth’s Air

Date: 2020-10-20 10:17:37


The great day is finally upon us — the record-breaking hole-boring team is finishing their job today! Spectators have gathered from all parts of the continent just to look at the greatest borehole in the world, and even the Guinness World Records commission is officially dumbfounded. The hole is more than 1,000 miles in diameter and goes almost as deep as the Earth’s core — no one achieved this depth before!

But wait, what’s going on? People all around suddenly begin fainting. More and more of the spectators fall unconscious on the ground, their faces white. Did the diggers hit some dangerous gas pocket? Oh no, we’re getting messages from all over the world that people start falling just where they stood! So this is the scenario you get if you dig a hole in the ground deep and wide enough to fit the whole atmosphere inside it. So how deep can you dig a hole? And what’s the deepest human-made hole in the world?

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