What If We Created a Black Hole on Earth? (We can!)

Date: 2021-02-12 11:00:13


Somewhere, deep underground in super-secret laboratories, scientists are trying to create a black hole. It looks like the latest experiment was a success! The black hole hovers above the desk for a moment, but then, in a split second, it eats it whole. Then microscopes and test tubes fly into the dark void. Soon everything in the room has been consumed. Is the entire planet next?!? 😱🌌

Ok, that’s just a hypothetical what if situation. But scientists here on Earth do think they can make a black hole here on Earth. They’ve already been working on it at The Large Hadron Collider. This machine basically makes particles move at high speeds until they collide. When this happens, they release a lot of energy, and the scientists think that energy might be enough to create a black hole!

If you ever wondered how black holes form, the answer could be right here on Earth! 🤯


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March 5, 1988; Washington, DC, USA; Stephen Hawking, author of “A Brief History of Time,” poses during USA Today interview: By USA TODAY Network/Sipa USA/East News,
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