What If There’s No Internet for 24 Hours

Date: 2019-12-30 11:00:05


It’s 7 am, and the sound of your alarm wakes you up. You reach over to the nightstand to pick up your phone. With your eyes half-closed, you notice you don’t have any new notifications. Hmm, that’s weird. You get up, grab a quick shower, and head downstairs.

After you’ve gotten some breakfast and coffee, you grab your tablet and see the same thing: no notifications. You also notice there’s no Internet connection. It wasn’t just on your phone but all your devices. Before checking your router, you try the old “turn it off and on again” technique. Of course, that didn’t help. So, you head over to the router and see a blinking red light. The 4G isn’t working either.

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Morning chaos 0:50
It’s better to take the day off 2:28
Are all the memories lost?! 😮 4:06
Social media market is collapsing… 4:40
Panic in major cities 4:57
Scary thought 7:11
Weird evening 7:30

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– You decide to take a cab – maybe it’ll save some time. You automatically open the app on your phone. Oh yeah, it doesn’t work.
– You notice the people around you for the first time. They’re all looking at their phones in frustration, some have even struck up a conversation.
– When you finally get to your office building. You reach for your card without even thinking. But guess what! That doesn’t work either.
– Right from the get-go, you’re already not that surprised to hear the talk of the day, “Internet’s down.”
– You can’t send any emails or reports, and you can’t download anything.
– With the office becoming more of a circus with every passing minute, the boss decides to let everyone just take the day off.
– You can’t remember how much money you have in the bank, and there’s no way to check.
– That’s when it hits you: what about all your pictures, videos, and data? You had your whole graduation video on the cloud. All those pictures of your backpacking trip across Europe? Are all the memories lost?
– You take 400 bucks out of your account to keep yourself afloat. Who knows if it’ll be enough – there’s no way of knowing how long this nightmare will last!
– Airports are at a standstill, along with ships, trains, and commercial trucking. Panic has broken out in major cities.
– You ask a passerby if there are any little family-owned stores in the area. They don’t have a lot, but you grab whatever you can carry in two hands and head home.
– As you walk, you start thinking about how everything you do revolves around the Internet.
– Since you can’t stream anything, you decide to watch good old-fashioned TV channels filled with old movies and shows.
– At about 10pm, you fall asleep to the thought that you’ll face the same chaos tomorrow, and you’re already stressed about work.
– You wake up to multiple notification sounds on your phone, and as you turn over, your screen is flashing with pop-up boxes left and right.
– Phones all across the city – across the globe! – are lighting up as if on command. You take a look and let out a sigh of relief: the world is back online! Phew!

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