What If There Were No Whales on Earth

Date: 2020-01-08 03:00:09


Whales are the biggest creatures in the history of our planet. Their influence on not only nature but also humanity and our culture is equally as huge. You wouldn’t think their existence would affect our life, but let’s see what the world would look like if there were no whales!

In ancient times, they gave us the concept that three huge whales carry our planet on their backs. Centuries later, they inspired one of the greatest books of the 19th century: Moby-Dick. Fashion could’ve taken a completely different path. But mostly, it’d have to be the effect on the food chain and the rich sea life.

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The harmless giants 0:30
Two large groups of whales 1:42
Whales in myths and literature 2:18
An important source of oil 3:44
Their role in fashion 4:17
A huge effect on the food chain 4:51
The singers of the ocean 5:55
No whales means no dolphins 6:27
The theory of their origin 6:44

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-The blue whale is the largest and heaviest creature that’s ever lived on Earth and one of the most harmless creatures in the ocean.
-There are all kinds of whale species, and they’re all divided into two groups: baleen and toothed.
-In ancient times, people believed that three huge whales carry our planet on their backs. Whales inspired Herman Melville to write one of the greatest books of the 19th century: Moby-Dick.
-People had been hunting whales for thousands of years for their fat, which was used for fuel in oil lamps. That oil was also used to make soaps and cosmetics.
-Baleen was a must-have back in the whaling days. It was pretty much as popular as plastic is today. Without whalebone, we wouldn’t have come up with corsets.
-Without whales, seafood would be a luxury, as the number of all crustaceans and mollusks would noticeably decrease. Even ordinary fish would feel the consequences.
-If whales disappear, the ocean will also lose … singing. Male whales sing songs to attract females, and females sing lullabies to reassure their offspring.
-By the way, if there weren’t any whales, there couldn’t be dolphins either. As well as porpoises, they are a type of whale!
-There is a theory: millions of years ago, the animals that whales would later come from actually walked on land! They looked like huge pigs or hippos. It took millions and millions of years of evolutionary process for them to move into water.

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