What If There Is Always One Season on Earth

Date: 2019-12-03 17:00:05


For many of us, the seasons tell us a lot — like what holiday is coming up or what delicious seasonal food there might be at the local grocery store. But what if there were no seasons, or only one season all year round?

Well, humans probably wouldn’t have met up with other humans much, and settlements would be scattered. If humans couldn’t put their brains together, there are a lot of inventions that we wouldn’t have today. We may never have learned to use tools. We may never have basic technology!

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The Earth wouldn’t be tilted 0:19
There’d be a lack of food 0:56
Humans probably wouldn’t have progressed 1:21
We’d be way more susceptible to germs 1:56
Agricultural Problems 2:26
We Need Winter! 2:57
We would have to re-learn basic survival 3:27
The weather would be predictable 3:58
Unchanging Landscape 4:20
The Equinoxes would be off 4:46
Psychological Effects 5:22
There’d be huge effects on the ecosystem 6:00
There’d be disruptions in sleep patterns 6:24
We could see changes in brain function 7:00
Changes in skin and hair 7:31
It could be bad for your heart 8:07

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– Everyone would probably move toward the locations near the Equator where it’d be warmest. This would cause over-population, the spread of diseases, and lack of resources.
– Animals, too, would move to those warm regions by the equator and would likely get over-hunted.
– If everyone had to live all together near the Equator, we’d be vulnerable to a lot of disease; and not just from each other, but from insects too.
– Rain can erode the soil, which pushes all the nutrients down below the root level, making that farmland at least partially infertile.
– Many crops that we rely on, like wheat, oats and barley, potatoes, and corn grow better in cooler climates that have a winter season.
– We’d have to do some adapting and learn how to successfully farm in these new conditions; that includes growing crops and raising livestock.
– Every day would look and feel pretty much the same!
– Changes in light would normally have a huge biological effect on plants and animals, such as telling them when it’s time to reproduce or hibernate.
– Science has proven that sunlight has a positive effect on our mood, and gives us natural Vitamin D.
– There may be some plants and animals that wouldn’t survive if there were no seasons.
– If a place experiences a change in the amount of sunlight it gets, those that live there may see malfunctions in their biological clocks.
– A small European study found that our attention and focusing skills are better during the summertime, and much worse during winter.
– If you’d happen to be stuck in one of the wintery regions, your skin and hair would likely dry out.
– Thinner blood vessels make your heart work harder than it normally would to pump blood through your body. This will cause an increase in your heart rate.

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