What If the Giant Titanoboa Didn’t Go Extinct

Date: 2020-03-17 03:00:07


What’s the largest snake in the world? Well, if we’re talking about snakes alive today, then the longest snake is the Reticulated python. But the heaviest snake is the Anaconda. However, if you wanna know how big was the biggest snake that has ever lived, prepare to be amazed.

So, imagine you went back in time and are strolling through the jungles of the Paleocene. Ferns and trees are huge, and this one trunk is especially enormous. And then it moves. Tough luck! You’ve met the biggest snake that ever slithered on Earth – the Titanoboa. And Anacondas or Reticulated pythons would be like spaghetti next to this creature…

How big was it? 1:02
They ate crocodiles?! 😱 1:32
How snakes choose their prey 2:01
Could Titanoboa live in the modern world? 2:28
Could it live in a zoo? 4:30
What other animals could’ve grown to giant sizes? 7:41

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