What If Someone Broke a Plane Window

Date: 2019-11-27 17:00:16


Hey guys! Do you like airplanes? Have you ever thought what would happen if a plane window you’re sitting next to suddenly broke? Because even though it’s almost unheard of, it HAS happened before! So, would you get instantly sucked out of the airplane? And could you be arrested for “breaking and exiting”?

That’s exactly what almost happened to the pilot of British Airways Flight 5390 in 1990. When the plane was already in the sky, at the altitude of about 17,000 ft, a badly-fitted section of the windshield blew off. Everything happened so fast that the unsuspecting captain Tim Lancaster didn’t have time to react and was partially pulled out of the cockpit!

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Pilots who were pulled out of the plane 0:32
Why a broken window creates such powerful suction 2:15
What problem it can cause 3:22
The truth about oxygen masks 3:59
How strong plane windows are 4:48
A crash ax. What’s the point of it? 7:05

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– You might know that the aircraft’s cabin has to be pressurized; otherwise, passengers just wouldn’t survive at the cruising altitude of more than 30,000 feet.
– But imagine that something punched a hole in such a “pressure vessel.” The air inside the plane would immediately want to escape due to the difference in the pressure outside and inside.
– An incredibly strong wind would head out, and, theoretically, it might be powerful enough to push a person out of the window.
– Within mere moments, the temperature and pressure inside the cabin would drop dramatically. Everything not secured and weighing less than several pounds, for example, newspapers, magazines, smartphones, or snacks, would be moving around and getting sucked out of the broken window.
– Сontrary to a popular belief, planes don’t have an infinite supply of oxygen. In fact, count yourself lucky if, in case of an emergency, the oxygen in your mask will last for 15 minutes.
– The biggest dangers for the people inside, however, would be flying debris and the risk of barotrauma — an injury caused by increased air pressure.
– But once again, such accidents are not just rare, they are completely out of the common. And you might be surprised to learn how strong plane windows actually are, especially in commercial aircraft.
– A professional boxer packs a punch of up to 1,300 lbs. So even a tough guy like that wouldn’t be able to damage an airplane window, and certainly not the average Joe.
– In fact, the average person won’t be able to bring any harm to it either with a fist, or a phone, or pretty much anything that is allowed on board an airliner.
– At the same time, the FAA, or the Federal Aviation Administration, requires that all commercial aircraft that can transport more than 19 passengers must have a crash ax in the cockpit.

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