What If Sea Creatures Could Fly Suddenly

Date: 2020-10-13 20:34:33


You’re woken up by a strange sound. It’s a knock on the window. But you live on the 12th floor – who, or what could be knocking? The knocking is getting stronger. You go to the window, reach for the curtain, and abruptly pull it aside… What you see is fantastic. There are flying (or floating) small fish outside your window. 1000s of them! A shoal of sardines rising directly to the sky. A few knock on your window as they pass. There are so many sardines, you can’t see what’s going on outside. But as the last fish flies by, the full picture opens before you.

Large and small fish fly between the houses. Octopuses cut through the air with their tentacles into a rain cloud. A huge whale is slowly drifting toward the horizon. Above the roof of a nearby house, two sharks chase four sea lions. A neighbor waves to you. He holds a fishing rod from the window and waits for the fish to bite. A school–no, a flock–of dolphins flies past your window. They cheerfully whistle, as if they are greeting you. What’s going on? Sea creatures of the Earth have learned to fly, leaving the ocean and filling the air! Yup, it’s one of those crazy what-if scenarios you like so much!


Music by Epidemic Sound

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