What If People Lived Inside the Earth

Date: 2020-09-14 07:34:29


Could humans survive underground? Not so long ago, astronomers discovered a planet that’s about 33 light-years away from Earth. This makes it our next-door neighbor. The space body is only a planet candidate because astronomers haven’t measured its mass yet. But they have high hopes. Just 1.7 million miles away from its star, it completes its orbit in a day and a half. It’s a scorching, deserted world with the temperatures at the surface rising up to 1,000˚F. Even more astounding, the entire planet is likely to be covered in magma!

So, the question is, “What if Earth once went through some catastrophic event, and it left our planet in the same state: boiling hot, with the surface covered by a thick layer of lava? Would people manage to adapt to such conditions and move to live underground?” It sounds unbelievable, but experts are sure that with time, humans would turn into healthy and rather happy mole people! Of course, life would be very different than today…


Underground tunnels and psychological difficulties 1:28
What people would look like 2:29
Living without sunlight 3:38
What about electricity? 5:44
The Hollow Earth theory 7:42
What the magnetic field does 8:45

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