What If People Had Fur Like Animals

Date: 2020-09-26 03:00:03


What if you had animal hair? Imagine you wake up one day feeling hot and itchy. Your blanket’s on the floor by the bed, the sheets all crumpled. An itch behind your ear is becoming unbearable. You raise your hand and scratch it. It feels funny. Whatever – you’re too sleepy to deal with it at 6:30 in the morning.

With a grunt, you get up. You shuffle to the bathroom and bend over the basin to wash your face. As soon as your hands touch it, you freeze. You lift your eyes and look at yourself in the mirror. Your mouth falls open, and you shriek. You’re covered in animal fur all over, even your face and palms! The fur isn’t as soft as a cat’s – it’s more like a dog’s coat. Shocked, I get down to my morning routine…


Preview photo credit:
Johnny Depp at arrivals for THE LIBERTINE Premiere at AFI FEST 2005: By EVERETT COLLECTION/EAST NEWS,
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