What If Oceans Revealed All Hidden Secrets

Date: 2020-10-26 10:39:21


What would happen if all of the ocean water became clear so we could see through it? Well, when the water in all the oceans becomes transparent, the world will change forever. In a few years, people will discover thousands of new sea creatures that were previously unknown. Simultaneously, the planet will lose hundreds of thousands of fish and mammal species, too. The cycle of life on Earth will be interrupted, and humanity will face natural disasters and famine.

The beginning will be incredible. Imagine you’re sailing on an expensive liner somewhere in the Atlantic ocean. Suddenly, you hear screams. All the shocked passengers come to the edge of the deck and watch an incredible picture. The ship seems to be floating high in the sky. Under it, the water is completely transparent. You see volcanic sea mountains and coral reefs of different colors and shades. The bottom is thousands of feet from the surface, so it feels like the ship is floating high above the ground. Only the fish swimming in this “sky” let us know that the boat is still on the water…


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