What If Oceans Ran Out of Oxygen Suddenly

Date: 2020-12-25 18:38:18


The ocean gets its portion of oxygen from algae, microorganisms, and plankton floating in the upper layers of the water. They release a tremendous amount of oxygen back into the water, which helps keep all marine life going. No oxygen, no more algae. No algae, no more oxygen. But what would happen if the ocean suddenly ran out of oxygen? By the way, when air brushes over the ocean’s surface, it gets oxygen, too. So if the ocean ran out of oxygen, it would have to adapt. It would start pulling more air from the land, and we couldn’t breathe deeply.

Okay, let’s imagine this has happened to the Earth. Oxygen has disappeared from all the oceans and seas. People are stressed out. Beach cities empty out. A lot of people are packing up their cars and leaving. Land prices are going crazy. You can buy beachfront property for almost nothing. People start investing like crazy in anything eco-friendly. Home plants start to get very expensive. People are getting more tired. They’re feeling down and grumpy… So, here’s another scary what-if scenario for those who love cool facts about nature and unusual hypothetical questions.


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