What If Megalodon and the Bloop Had to Divide the Ocean

Date: 2020-11-16 03:00:04


Megalodon was an ancient marine predator, a giant shark feared by all aquatic life for millions of years. Megalodon had no competitors in the oceans. It was at the top of the food chain. Current sea inhabitants don’t even realize how lucky they are because this monster went extinct about 3 million years ago. Although, people can’t know for sure if it’s really gone.

The ocean is only 5 percent explored. It’s possible that somewhere in the depths, Megalodon still terrifies all the fish. And today, the colossal shark will fight against a worthy opponent—the Bloop. Technically, that’s just the name of the sound. The sound that oceanographers recorded in 1997. The creature that made it could be called a sea monster, a Kraken, a beast from the deep. No one knows how it looks, but we can guess its size. This ultra-low frequency Bloop was so powerful that it could be heard by special sensors 3,000 miles away.


What the Bloop is 0:45
Point Nemo 1:33
Could the monster Cthulhu be the source of the Bloop? 2:02
Size 2:35
Intelligence 3:42
Speed and bite 4:30
Cthulhu uses telepathy 6:07
Music by Epidemic Sound

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