What If Megalodon and T-Rex Met One-on-One

Date: 2020-11-07 03:00:01


Tyrannosaurus Rex existed about 70 million years ago. No one could defeat him in a fair battle. The largest T-Rex ever found was named Scotty. His hips were about 12 feet tall. But if Scotty straightened his back, he would be about 42 feet tall. It’s like putting 3 giraffes on top of each other. And if you wanted to pet this cute guy on the nose, you would have to stand on the shoulders of 7 people to reach him.

Megalodon went extinct about 3 million years ago, but legends about it are still alive. It’s the biggest shark that ever existed, and it was a super predator in its time. Megalodon was about 50 feet long, which is more than a school bus! It was not only the most massive shark that ever existed but also the largest fish in the world. Its closest competitor in size was a modern whale shark. But he loses to megalodon by as much as 10 feet. But what would happen if T. Rex and Megalodon meet face to face? Who would win?


Size 0:55
Weight 2:15
Speed and agility 3:06
Fighting skills 4:37
The prize of audience sympathies 6:01
Combat tools 7:17
The fight 8:18

Music by Epidemic Sound

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