What If Gravity Disappeared for 1 Second

Date: 2020-10-01 03:00:01


What happens if gravity disappear for only one second? Let’s recap the events from the smallest to the largest scale. Well, if gravity is lost for a single second, unfortunately, you’ll most probably be no more. Thing is, gravity doesn’t only keep you anchored to the Earth — it also holds all the atoms inside your body together. If this force completely disappears even for such a short period of time, chances are you’ll simply fly apart!

By the way, you surely know our planet is spinning and hurtling through space at mind-blowing speeds, so there’s a chance that, if gravity does turn off for a second, everything on the Earth’s surface will succumb to inertia and fly horizontally at several hundred miles per hour. Yet the real trouble starts if the gravity disappears for the entire planet…

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