What If Everyone Partied Nonstop for 1 Year

Date: 2021-01-12 11:00:03


Vacation has come. Happy, you rush home, put on your best suit and go to the friend’s place. It’s a big country house. You pass through a wide gate decorated with lights. Music is coming from inside. You go in and find yourself in a spacious hall. You meet a lot of smartly dressed people. Everyone’s dancing, talking, drinking cocktails, and eating pizza. You go out to the backyard. It’s even more fun here than inside. People are splashing in a huge pool, playing ball.

The rock band plays rousing songs, and when you get tired of dancing, you go to the pool and swim. In the middle of the night, fireworks start off into the sky. Morning. You don’t even remember how you fell asleep. You wake up in one of the house’s rooms and hear the music. You open the door, go down, and… The party’s in full swing! You planned to go camping today, but since the party is still going on, you decide to stay. We at Bright Side love unusual what-if scenarios. This time we decided to imagine what our life might look like if we had a party every day.


Music by Epidemic Sound

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