What If Earth Started to Spin Backwards

Date: 2020-01-04 17:00:11


Our planet rotates around its axis from west to east at a speed of over a thousand miles per hour at the equator! And this pattern has lasted for billions of years since the Earth was formed. But “what if” one day, our planet suddenly started to rotate backward, from east to west?

It would be one thing if the Earth’s continents and oceans were situated symmetrically against the equator when the change of the direction happened. In this case, the only change people would notice would be the climate, which would turn into a mirror image of the current one. In other words, there’d be no dramatic changes. But since life on our planet is rarely about symmetry, the effects of the Earth rotating backward would be way more complicated.

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What if it happened SUDDENLY 1:02
What if it rotated from east to west right from the beginning 2:15
A completely different species instead of us?! 4:21
What if the Earth’s core cooled down 5:28
What if there were no magnetic field 5:56

– In the case of an abrupt switch of the direction, an instant change in speed would make about 2,000 miles per hour!
– Buildings and other man-made structures would collapse, sending tons of debris into the air and creating chaos.
– In short, the Earth would turn into a gloomy, muddy mess.
– The different spinning direction of the planet would create unexpected weather conditions on all the continents, and the Earth itself would be a totally different place!
– Western Europe would be plagued by severe, freezing winters every year. And, vice versa, Russia would warm up and lose the title of one of the coldest countries in the world.
– The area from the Middle East to Central Africa would be covered with lush, dense forests. And the rest of the deserts would be either covered with grass or scattered trees.
– There would be much more greenery on our planet, and, therefore, more oxygen for everyone to breathe.
– Now, the ocean is swarming with phytoplankton bacteria. But on that different Earth, instead of plankton, cyanobacteria would dominate.
– The chances are high that on a backward-spinning Earth, people would be replaced with a completely different species.
– Somewhere incredibly deep beneath the surface of our planet lies the Earth’s core – a ball of scorching-hot iron which is surrounded by boiling liquid metal.
– One of the things that makes life on the Earth possible is the geomagnetic field. This very field is created by the Earth’s core!
– If there’s no magnetic field, there’s also no atmosphere! That’s why some time later, the Earth would start to resemble Mars a little bit too much for my liking.
– The eternal cold and lack of oxygen would either finish us, or prevent us from living normal lives.
– The Earth would probably see a radioactive wave onslaught, which would overheat it to a degree at which it would become uninhabitable.

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