What If Earth Split and Pulled You to the Center

Date: 2020-10-30 15:37:20


Okay, here’s another cool ‘what if’ scenario for you. What if the Earth were physically split in half? Is it even possible to separate the planet? Weel, to do that, a super-powerful laser would be needed. Such a laser has to receive energy directly from the sun. The weapon goes into space on a rocket thousands of miles above our world. Then, once the laser arrives at its destination, it opens wide to expose plates of solar panels. The laser absorbs and concentrates the sun’s rays. Then a powerful energy beam with the diameter of several cities shoots into the middle of the planet.

Oceans through which the beam passes boil and evaporate from the high temperature. These vapors turn into a vast thundercloud in the sky. A strong wind drives these clouds over the continents. Heavy rain falls, which floods not only cities but entire countries. As the tectonic plates shift, tsunamis are created. Huge waves crash onto the shore. The Earth is split in two. And, this is just the beginning… Do you like disaster movies? Then you’ll definitely like our new ‘what if’ video.


Music by Epidemic Sound

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