What If Earth Had Two Suns

Date: 2021-01-27 17:00:28


What would happen if we had two suns? What would your life look like in such a world? Two suns would mean days would become brighter. Nights, sunrises, sunsets – these would change too. The stars would set and rise at different times. So, arriving too late to watch the sunset? It wouldn’t be a problem – you’d still be in time for the second one!

With two suns, the seasons on Earth might also start to change more rapidly. They would be harsher than now. Most life forms on the planet would be struggling to keep up with intense and fast climate changes. By the way, people would look different, either. They most likely be bulky and short. In any case, discussing what Earth would look like with two Suns is nothing but a guessing game at the moment. But scientists know for sure that such planets do exist…


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