What If an Earth-Sized Baloon Popped Near Us

Date: 2022-04-03 11:00:28


If you look at our planet Earth from outer space, it might remind you of a big ball or balloon. Can it get any bigger? What would happen to our planet if we inflated a truly epic balloon? You decide to participate in this experiment and take part in the process of inflating a giant balloon out of our planet.

Let’s see how it could be done and which consequences it would bring… The Earth’s magnetic field will definitely get disrupted, and the 3D printed phytoplankton won’t produce enough Oxygen anymore! But everyone will agree this thing was totally worth it. Let’s find out, why!


Orange sunset 00:00
A balloon 00:23
Strange ideas 00:43
Medical tech 01:19
The coolest project ever 02:05
Perpetual Rubber 02:25
Masterpiece 03:33
The turbine 04:13
Helicopter time 04:53
The ball gets bigger 05:30
Clean air suppliers 06:18
The expanding Universe 07:32
Brave people 08:10
Animals go mad 08:55
Super heat 09:50

Music by Epidemic Sound

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