What If All People Shared One Space Ship

Date: 2020-11-26 08:59:18


Hey guys! Do you like sci-fi books and movies? Then you’ll definitely like our new what-if video! Here’s the plot: Humanity’s facing the greatest danger ever. Our Sun’s fading. In 500 years, the entire Solar System will be plunged into darkness and eternal cold. To save our civilization, people begin to build a huge spaceship that will accommodate the population of the whole world inside, and go into deep space.

In less than 400 years, the construction of the ship is finally completed. The Sun is already nearing its end — it’s much smaller and cooler, making the climate on Earth cold and harsh. You and the rest of the inhabitants of the planet are going on board the greatest ship in history. To avoid a multibillion crowd, an electronic schedule was organized, sending invitations to those whose turn it was to board soon. The main rule is to travel light.


Music by Epidemic Sound

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