What Happens to You When an Airline Closes

Date: 2019-11-26 11:00:04


It happens more often than you’d think. An airline will pack up shop if it chooses to close… or runs out of money. The smaller ones are more at risk to go under because they typically make their money during the peak travel season. Most airlines will try to give you back all or at least part of your money. But this stuff’s not always a guarantee.

Either way, it’ll be a headache! So no matter what airline you book with, it’s always good to have a backup plan. Also, you have rights as a traveler—get to know them! Even though they’re now shut down, they should still try to do what they can for customer service’s sake. But, of course, try to be understanding.

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Why would my airline just shut down like that? 0:27
But what about my vacation? 0:58
What will happen to the planes? 1:35
What happens to the flight crew? 2:01
What happens inside the airport? 2:25

👉 Here’s what you should do: 👈
– Stay in the loop 3:10
– Still ask about hotel credits 4:01
– Do you have a Plan B? 4:20
– Did you book your flight with a credit card? 4:49
– Did you get travel insurance? 5:11
– Get your airline’s attention on social media! 5:41
– You CAN negotiate 6:08
– Save all your flight documents 6:35
– Always prepare for the worst 7:02

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– If the airline owns the plane, it’ll likely be sold or auctioned off.
– If one of the airlines shuts down, the airport would try and control the chaos as much as possible. Think about it—they’d be dealing with a lot of angry people.
– Keep track of your booking details online. It may not explicitly say, “Your airline has gone under!” But the sooner you know about a cancelation, the better you’ll be able to plan.
– As soon as you find out that your airline folded, call them directly to see what they can do as far as getting you on another flight.
– If you book with a credit card, you might be able to get at least part of your money back or work something out with your travel miles.
– Travel insurance can end up saving you money—you never know when a flight will be canceled! Not only for unexpected airline shutdowns but other common stuff like bad weather.
– Since it’s such a public platform, it’ll be someone’s job to watch and respond on the airline’s social media accounts. You’ll probably get a quicker response than on the phone.
– If your airline closes and you call them to get a refund or better price on a re-booking, you might still feel that you got the short end of the stick.
– Who knows—your airline may offer to give you your money back later, or you might need to use those documents to explain your situation and get another flight.
– Make sure you’ve got plenty of extra cash, especially if you’re abroad. If you’re really left high and dry somewhere far from home, hostels are usually quite affordable.

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