What Happens If You Spend 100 Hours Playing Video Games

Date: 2020-08-09 12:16:18


Video gaming is a popular form of entertainment. But how video games do affect the brain and behavior? Are these effects positive or negative? What happens if you play video games all day? In fact, рow many hours of video games is too much? Let’s figure out! So, you cleared a week out of your schedule, so nobody and nothing can bother you for at least 4 days. You’re gonna play video games for 100 hours straight!

But first, some more prep. You head to the grocery store, throw a whole crate of energy drinks in the cart. Some quick easy snacks: a dozen bags of chips, a box of pastries, frozen pizzas, another crate of energy drinks. Need to get your gaming spot ready. Make it as comfortable as possible – even the slightest inconvenience will be critical in 100 hours. Perfect! You’re all set for your 4-day gaming marathon!


5 hours in 1:49
15 hours 2:10
Hour 25 2:26
35 hours of play 2:50
The longest gaming marathon 3:22
48 hours without sleep 4:43
72 hours without sleep 4:55
Key to setting the world record 6:04

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