What Are Those Bottle Caps on Streets?

Date: 2020-01-17 17:00:24


The Big Apple, The Melting Pot, the city that brought you, “Hey, I’m walkin’ here!” New York attracts tens of millions of visitors each year. But most tourists flock to the typical sights and miss out on the secret gems hidden throughout the city that never sleeps!

Secret gems like tennis courts and The Whispering Gallery in Grand Central Station, bottle caps that somehow got embedded into the pavement, a miniature rainforest hidden inside the Manhattan office building at East 43rd Street, and what not!

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Secret tennis courts in Grand Central Station 0:23
The Whispering Gallery 0:45
Asphalt tags 1:05
Mmuseumm 1:36
‘Freedom Tunnel’ in Manhattan 2:04
The Elevated Acre 2:21
Miniature rainforest 2:43
Hippo Ballerina 3:04
Pizza museum 3:21
Mysterious Bookshop 3:45
The Sisyphus Stones 4:04
Life Underground 4:32
Benches with love quotes 4:54
MoMath 5:19
Abandoned theater 5:43
Rooftop bee farms 6:05
Meditation room in the United Nations building 6:30
Laboratory on wheels 6:49
City Hall Station 7:15
The First Street Garden 7:34
Staten Island Boat Graveyard 7:52
SeaGlass Carousel 8:10
Conservatory Garden 8:31

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-Secret tennis court in Grand Central Station used to be part of an exclusive club but are now open to the public.
-The Whispering Gallery is an archway with a pretty cool acoustic trick if you come with a friend.
-When some part of the road is patched up, asphalt tags are left to denote who did the job and when.
-“Mmuseumm” has a very special collection of “overlooked, dismissed, or ignored” objects.
-‘Freedom Tunnel’ in Manhattan used to be an abandoned railroad, but it’s since been turned into a graffiti art gallery.
-An elevated park in the Big Apple is called The Elevated Acre, and it’s on one of the rooftops in the financial district.
-There’s a miniature rainforest hidden inside the Manhattan office building at East 43rd Street.
-The 15-foot bronze Hippo Ballerina is a public art installation inspired by Walt Disney’s “Fantasia” cartoon.
-Pizza Museum in Brooklyn has some of the items from the Guinness World Record’s largest collection of pizza boxes!
-“Mysterious Bookshop” is the world’s oldest and biggest bookstore specializing in detective stories, espionage novels, and thrillers.
-The Sisyphus Stones are stacked on top of each other and stay that way thanks to gravity alone.
-If you go to the 14th Street – Eighth Avenue station, you’ll see these funny little bronze statues making up a series called Life Underground.
-Around ⅓ of the benches in Central Park have plaques with love quotes inscribed on them.
-Anyone with a passion for arithmetic should check out the National Museum of Mathematics, or MoMath.
-The Loew’s Canal Theatre was built in the 1920s and was once the second largest one in New York.
-Many people and companies like to convert the rooftops of their buildings into bee farms.
-If you want to escape the buzz of the city, there’s a special place just for relaxation: a meditation room in the United Nations building!
-There’s a truck that makes its way around the city offering a variety of lab tests, including DNA.
-“City Hall Station” was the very first subway station that opened in New York in 1904.
-“The First Street Garden” is a community garden that also serves as an open-air art gallery.
-Staten Island Boat Graveyard is a dumping ground for decommissioned ships.
-SeaGlass Carousel is located in lower Manhattan and offers a ride on a glowing fish that spins to music.
-There is a hidden Conservatory Garden in the northeastern corner of Central Park.

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