We Could Become Venomous in the Future

Date: 2022-02-24 20:08:14


Evolution is a process that results in changes over time. It’s impossible to stop this process or slow it down. Evolution enabled humans to have larger brains, longer legs, increased social cooperation and tool-making. What’s awaiting human evolution in the future? Are we gonna become faster, smarter and age slower?

Scientists claim it’s possible for us humans to produce venom. In fact, there’re mammals out there that already can produce it: like the platypus, slow loris, and vampire bats. People are very much likely to become venomous as well. How’s it gonna work? And would we be able to taste this venom?


Bitter TASTE 00:00
Strange gland 00:20
Scientists 00:33
Venomous mammals 00:40
Venom differs 01:56
Study 02:15
Venom systems evolution 02:45
Relief 03:35
Poison dart frog 04:08
Water hemlock 04:30
Nightshades 04:45
Whiskers 06:00
Coat of fur 06:40
Tail bones 07:33

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