Watch What Happened 10 Minutes After the Biggest Eruption Ever

Date: 2020-12-25 19:07:21


It happened around 8.7 million years ago. All of a sudden, vast grasslands started to open. Clouds of volcanic gas and ash covered the sky. Flows of lava streamed down the hills and across the plains. Within minutes, black volcanic glass started to rain from above, wiping out animals, crushing plants. It didn’t take long before the land caved in, opening giant pits filled with red-hot magma.

It was the greatest eruption of the Yellowstone Supervolcano. This giant, which is actually one of the largest active volcanic systems on the planet, wasn’t named SUPERvolcano for nothing. Spreading deep underground and extending for hundreds of miles, supervolcanoes are complicated structures. Experts are still unsure what processes can trigger these fire-breathing monsters and lead to super eruptions.


A year before the super eruption 2:37
What was happening right before the disaster 3:48
The most dangerous consequences of the eruption 5:04
The most recent super eruption 6:36
What’s hiding under Yellowstone Park 7:58
Does it present any danger these days? 9:17

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