Watch How They Use Robot Dogs In Real Life

Date: 2022-01-21 08:02:08


The future is closer than we might have thought. Self-automated robots are now working in Austria. And not only are they highly advanced and effective but also cute. Boston Dynamics now builds robots that look like dogs.

These creatures are designed as effective assistants for humans in the la our force in certain industries. They’re automatically programmed to perform tasks on their own and can work for up to 12 hours. Would you hire a robot like that?


Boston Dynamics dog robots 00:00
No humans 00:53
Dog robot navigation 01:33
Create a 3D model 03:16
Robots that can jump 04:49
Lifelike look 06:40
Tritium software 08:13

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Factory interior as industrial backg: zhuzhu/,
Rocos A robot sheepdog which can be remote controlled from anywhere in the world, is being prepared for farms of the future, And it will also be able to inspect crops and help farmers with land management. The plan is to utilize four-legged robot Spot, developed by US company Boston Dynamics, and already on the market. The firm has joined forces with robotics software: By Rocos/Ferrari Press/East News,
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