Use Your Old Laptop to Find Life on Other Planets, See How

Date: 2020-11-10 17:44:24


So you’ve bought yourself a new computer and suddenly there’s no place for your old one in your home. You can always sell it, of course, but there are much more interesting ways to use your old laptop or desktop PC. Turn it into a home server. Instead of keeping all your files on your new computer’s hard drive, you can set up a home group and connect all your devices in a single network.

Then, make your old computer’s drive shared with the whole network, and everyone in your house will be able to view and use files stored on it, as well as share their own. This comes in especially handy when someone in your family has a device with low space — this way, they can always keep new files in the shared storage. You also can make a surveillance camera out of it. It might look weird, though, if you just hang your laptop outside the door, so you may want to rewire it a little bit and extract the camera first. So, not sure what to do with your old laptop? Here are some cool ways to reuse it.


Turn it into a home server 0:01
Make a surveillance camera out of it 0:45
Build a media center 1:22
Hang it on the wall 1:44
Make a digital photo frame 2:13
Rig a retro gaming station 2:33
Transform your laptop into a tablet 2:55
Make a remote network server 3:19
Experiment with a different OS 3:48
Get yourself a second monitor 4:19
Build a $5 projector 4:55
Set up a makeshift router 5:34
Play DVDs or Blu-ray discs 5:55
Use it on the road 6:22
Give it to your grandma or grandpa 6:47
Join SETI@home 7:19
Salvage the parts 7:53

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