Turning Off Wi-Fi Doesn’t Save Battery And 19 Other Myths About Phones

Date: 2020-01-12 03:00:00


Sometime in the nearest future, phone batteries will charge in a few seconds, last for months, and get energy through Wi-Fi! Sounds great, but that time is yet to come. For now, people have to try other ways to save battery life.

Let’s figure out if such methods as switching off Wi-Fi or your gadget completely, turning off location services or switching into Airplane Mode really work! And, do battery-saving apps help the situation? Do you have to drain your battery completely before charging it again? Some of these are myths, and some facts are totally true.

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Switching the device off won’t do the trick 0:26
Turning on Airplane Mode will indeed help to make the battery last longer 0:46
Turning off location services can prolong your almost-empty battery life 1:10
Turning off vibration on your gadget can help 1:32
Closing background apps to make the battery last longer won’t do you any good 1:41
Your phone’s display needs a lot of energy to animate moving wallpapers 2:01
Extreme temperatures can drain your battery in no time 2:22
Fast charging isn’t for everyday use 2:42
Turning the screen brightness down does help 2:54
Try not to use the camera if you want to save battery 3:24
Turning off push notifications is helpful 3:35
Be careful with energy-saving apps 3:56
It’s a myth that your battery will last only two years 4:28
Don’t let your battery discharge completely before charging it again 4:56
Wi-Fi is far less battery-hungry than the cellular connection 5:35
If your GPS uses Wi-Fi, not cellular connection, your battery will last longer 6:19
Power Saving or Low Power Mode DOES help when your battery is running out 6:50
Switching off auto-downloads and uninstalling unnecessary apps is an effective way to save battery 7:18
Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other social media are some of the most potent battery-draining apps 7:42

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-The whole switching on/switching off thing takes too much battery power.
-Airplane Mode shuts off cellular, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth connection, which saves a lot of energy.
-Anything that needs GPS navigation will effectively wear your smartphone’s battery out.
-Both Silent Mode and an audible signal need far less power than vibrations.
-Closing and opening background apps again needs way more power and drains your battery very fast.
-The fewer colors your background has, the more energy-saving it is.
-By putting your phone into a freezer, you shorten its battery life altogether.
-Even if your battery isn’t running low, go to the display settings and turn the screen brightness down. Both the battery and your eyes will thank you.
-If you want to save battery, try not to use the camera, especially with the flash on – it needs way more power than any other app.
-Every time a notification arrives, your phone will light up and waste its battery charge.
-Battery-saving apps should be downloaded only from authorized stores, and only after you read other users’ reviews.
-How long the battery will serve you depends not on time but on charge cycles.
-If you always wait until your phone’s battery fully discharges before “feeding” it again, it wears out much faster than it’s designed to.
-Using cellular data and not Wi-Fi won’t only drain the battery faster, but it will also cost you quite a lot if you don’t have an unlimited data plan.
-If your GPS uses Wi-Fi, not cellular connection, your battery will last longer.
-Depending on your software, Power Saving Mode can limit different phone functions, from reducing the processor’s speed to turning off all push notifications.
-However little energy apps consume throughout the day, it may still add up with time.
-Even when you aren’t using social media apps, they keep updating data.

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