Touch Your Mirror to Know If Someone’s Watching You

Date: 2022-03-14 13:00:03


In modern world we’re surrounded by cameras everywhere: on our laptops, in our smartphones, even in the mirrors in hotels. Wait, in the mirrors? Yup, know these life hacks, so nobody can spy on you through hidden cameras. There’s a way to know if the mirror you’re looking at is real or fake and someone has installed a hidden camera inside it…

I’m also gonna teach you how to be extra careful in public places and which things can serve as surveillance objects. Be especially attentive when you’re dealing with an ATM and don’t connect to unknown Wi-Fi spots in public places. What else? Here’s a guide on how to stay safe and detect right away if somebody’s watching you.


Bathroom mirror 00:00
Countryhouse 01:00
Video cameras 01:30
Something creepy 01:50
Fake mirror 02:00
Secret room 02:35
The key doesn’t fit 03:00
Common cliché 04:20
Digital security 05:30
Air vent 06:15
The webpage removed 07:10
Road cameras 08:30

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