Times Humans Defended Themselves Against Wild Animals And Won!

Date: 2019-08-22 13:00:01


Surprising stories of people fending off feral beasts! From harrowing fights against apex predators to the lengths at which people are willing to go to save their pets.

#11 Cassowary Crash
When faced with a fight or flight scenario, the majority of birds will opt for the latter given their obvious winged advantage. But for creatures like the dinosaur-esque cassowary, fighting can be a much more effective choice. So when a man and his family faced off with an angry cassowary while on vacation, he knew it was unlikely to just run away. Growing agitated with a nature photographer, the wild bird leapt toward the man, who swiftly turned around to avoid potential disembowelment by the razor clawed beast. It kicked him off a 7-foot cliff instead before retreating to the rainforest, leaving the man with just a handful of bumps and bruises along with an unharmed family.
#10 Python Bite
Snakes can be terrifying creatures, and while pythons themselves aren’t venomous, in general a serpent’s bite is one of the most frightening attacks one can endure. One man, however, had to turn the tables on mother nature in his fight for survival. In 2009, a farm manager in Kenya found himself in a heap of trouble when he stepped on a massive, 13-foot python. The giant snake quickly coiled around him and began dragging him up a tree attempting to slowly suffocate him. But the farmer kept his cool, waiting nearly three hours until the snake’s tail got near enough to his face. Desperate, yet clear-minded, he decided to bite onto the python’s tail, alarming the snake and causing it to loosen its grip. As it did so, he quickly reached for his cell phone and alerted authorities to his situation. Thankfully they arrived swiftly and rescued the man from the snake’s grasp, just in the nick of time.
#9 Coffee Cougar
Coffee dates are everyday affairs, and millions gather routinely at coffee shops around the world on any given day. So when a man headed to Tim Horton’s coffee shop in Alberta, Canada, he certainly wasn’t expecting the surprise that awaited him. Waiting to meet a friend, the man was lingering outside the shop with his dog when a cougar suddenly pounced from a nearby forest, attacking the man’s faithful hound. Avoiding the shock of the incident, he struck back at the large cat without hesitation, punching the cougar and sending it running back into the woods. The dog-owner didn’t sustain any injuries, but his companion didn’t get off so easily. Serious injuries threatened his pet’s life, but it eventually pulled through and survived. Authorities told local news stations that the man’s quick response saved the dog’s life in this instance, though they don’t recommend anyone attempt to square off with a cougar if they can avoid it.