This Simple Math Problem Is So Strange No One Can Solve It

Date: 2022-03-07 07:23:04


Do you wanna impress your Math teacher? Here’s a simple Math problem science can’t solve for over 80 years. If you thought that every problem should have a solution – here’s one we still can’t find the solution to. It is called the “Collatz conjecture” and I’m gonna tell you everything about it. What makes it impossible to solve?

In this video you’re gonna learn about 6 seemingly simple Math problems. The “Twin Prime Conjecture” is among them. It is so simple anyone can understand it, but even the best scientists in the world fail to prove it. Another one is the “Happy Ending” problem and I’m gonna tell you where it got its name from…


The Collatz conjecture 00:00
The exciting part 01:26
Dr. Lothar Collatz 01:45
Hallway turns 02:20
The Twin Prime Conjecture 03:14
Euclid 04:08
Pythagorean triangle 04:30
The Happy Ending problem 05:20
Brain workout 06:23
Plates in water 07:05
Parking space number 07:40
An odd number 08:10
Top of the mountain 08:45
A strange equation 09:15

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