This Huge Volcano Is Due to Erupt – What If It Happened Today

Date: 2020-10-08 12:14:28


What would happen if Vesuvius Volcano erupted today? It’s erupted many times in the past. In fact, that’s how it got its shape. It’s made of multiple layers of hardened lava, pumice, and ash. Vesuvius last erupted in 1944. But a major blast happened there nearly 2,000 years ago. It buried the Roman towns of Pompeii and Herculaneum and decimated the surrounding areas.

The tragic eruption have left a deep mark in modern history. Mount Vesuvius is regarded as one of the deadliest volcanos in the human history. But today, 3 million people live less than 20 milesfrom the volcano, and 600,000 live in the danger zone. Large eruptions happen every few thousand years, usually after long periods of calm. And the trouble is, Vesuvius is long overdue for its next one…


DAY 1 0:01
DAY 3 1:29
DAY 4 2:13
DAY 6 3:07
DAY 7 4:02
DAY 10 4:44
DAY 16 5:05
10 years later 8:19
100 years later 8:43

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