This Giant Pit Can Swallow Anything Flying Over It

Date: 2022-02-23 08:43:06


Nowadays you can get almost anywhere you want by plane. But there are places on Earth over which planes can’t fly. They are restricted zones you can’t enter for security or secrecy reasons. Let’s explore some of them and find out, why it’s forbidden to fly over these places…

One of such zones is Disneyland and Disney World. It’s forbidden to fly over the theme park without a special waiver and the restriction goes 3,000 feet above sea level. Another place protected from helicopters is a huge hole in Earth’s surface. The giant pit is a diamond mine and it messes with the flow of air, creating a vortex that helicopters might get in… How’s it possible?


Restricted airspace zones 00:00
Washington, DC 00:25
Camp David 01:20
Maine, USA 02:00
Northern Minnesota 02:40
Disney World 03:20
Huge hole 04:05
Westminster 05:07
Taj Mahal 06:00
Himalayas 06:30
North Pole 08:05
Fly over oceans 08:50

– There are places on Earth over which planes can’t fly;
– Washington, DC and the White House is a very protected zone;
– Camp David is a three-mile no-fly zone around it and a five-mile-above-sea-level no-fly zone over it;
– Another no-fly zone is the Kennedy Space Center, no one can travel over it if they’re flying less than 5,000 feet above sea level;
– It’s prohibited to fly over Disneyland without a special waiver and the restriction goes 3,000 feet above sea level;
– You can’t fly a helicopter over the mine in Mirny because it’s dangerous;
– Peru has banned planes from flying over its famous landmark – Machu Picchu – in 2006;
– Taj Mahal is one of the most recognized places in the world, and it’s protected by UNESCO as the world’s heritage site;
– Even though there’s no official prohibition, planes prefer to avoid particular regions on our planet. One of them is the Himalayas.
– Another tough route goes over the poles;
– Even though aircraft fly over oceans and smaller bodies of water, if there’s an alternative route that goes over land, a plane will always opt for it.

Preview photo credit:
RARE aerial pictures show the most expensive hole in the world and is so vast it has been known to SUCK helicopters towards its depths (Mir mine): By ALROSA/ NEWS,
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