This Frog’s Bite Is Stronger than a Wolf, Watch Out!

Date: 2020-12-17 10:55:30


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Around 65 million years ago, the Earth turned faster, days were a half-hour shorter, and the continents we know today were beginning to take shape. The dinosaurs had been almost wiped out, the age of mammals was dawning, and giant frogs …totally normal. They weren’t the first frogs or anything, frogs have been around for 180 million years! Over time, not much about their body changed…except their size. Let’s take Beelzebufo, the biggest frog that ever existed.

Scientists found their first bone sample in Madagascar. It took them 15 years to piece together the whole skeleton. Step by step, they put the frog’s skeleton together, just like an ancient jigsaw puzzle. When they saw what they’d found, a huge creature with a weird shield, they gave it its epic name. It’s a mix of Greek and Latin, and it means “armored frog from the abyss.” Yes, dinosaurs weren’t the only amazing prehistoric creatures to have ever existed. Here are incredible facts about some of the most astonishing prehistoric animals to have ever roamed this planet.


Huge frogs 0:15
The largest known insect 3:50
The giant sloth that was as tall as a giraffe 4:32
Giant armadillos 5:09
What prehistoric kangaroos looked like 5:27
The biggest shark that ever existed 6:15
Giant scorpions 7:08
Ancient saltwater crocodiles 7:37
The largest snake the world had ever seen 7:53
The largest lizard ever 8:16
Giant birds 8:30

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