This Creature Has the Fastest Punch on Earth (It’s Impossible to Notice It!)

Date: 2022-03-03 15:25:19


As humans we see an amazing world full of colors with our eyes. But many animals see much more than us. And the way they use their vision is largely unknown to us. For example, octopuses do not have color vision but they can detect polarized light. But it’s not the coolest vision out there… Mantis shrimp vision puts everything else to shame. They’re the proud owners of the strangest eyes in animal kingdom. What makes their eyes so cool?

No other creature has such a unique structure of its visual organ. Each eye has several pupils that constantly change their shape. They can move separately and together, focus on some small objects and see the big picture at the same time.


The mantis shrimp 00:00
The coolest eyes 00:40
Vision for communication 01:27
Polarized light 02:08
Scientific studies 03:00
The fastest punch 03:30
Mantis shrimps are fearless 04:20
Shrimp shell 04:40
Snapping shrimp 05:40
How it creates a bubble 06:50
Shrimp fight 08:10

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