They Were Looking For Another Earth, See What They Found

Date: 2022-02-05 20:35:05


For the last 30 years astronomers have discovered over 5,000 exoplanets and estimate our galaxy has many more! Given such statistics, it’s nice to imagine that light-years away there could be another Earth waiting for us to explore it. Will the James Webb Space Telescope find another Earth? It enabled ultra-precise observations of starlight – which assisted in the discovery of exoplanets and got us closer to the discovery of Planet B.

Let’s take a look at all the advances in the search for the Earth 2.0. What have we already found and what’re the possibilities of breakthrough discoveries? We’ll also examine all of the technical devices available in the search. Spoiler: the James Webb Telescope isn’t the only one we use.


Search for Earth 2.0 00:00
Tools for search 00:16
Astrometric method 01:40
Telescope costs 02:30
Video of the stars 04:50
Every star has planets 05:55
How Solar system’s formed 09:10
See the invisible galaxies 09:42

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