They Survived Falling from a Plane But That Was Only the Beginning

Date: 2020-09-10 03:00:17


Hey, no matter what – you should never lose hope. There are plenty of stories that prove this. Like the ones about young women who survived falls from incredible heights during plane crashes. Stories showing that the human spirit and willpower are invincible. Stories proving that miracles are real. Amazing survival stories.

Vesna Vulovic survived a fall from a record altitude of 33,000 feet. That’s higher than Everest. In a fall from this height, a person can reach 260 mph. That’s about as fast as the best racing cars in the world. You’d think nobody could still be alive after that, but Vesna Vulovic was, and here’s how it happened.


The story of Vesna Vulovic 0:01
The story of Sailor Gutzler 2:36
The story of Bahia Bakari 4:42
The story of Annette Herfkens 7:00

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