They Found Something on Saturn’s Moon, and It Could Mean Life

Date: 2020-12-27 09:06:14


Look up, find that little yellow dot…That’s Titan. It’s Saturn’s largest moon, and the second largest moon in our whole solar system. And it might be the only place in our solar system where there’s liquid water… besides Earth. Titan is a bit bigger than our moon and a whole lot heavier. The surface is mostly made up of ice, it has small mountains, craters, and a few cryo-volcanoes. But many experts believe there’s a whole ocean under the surface of Titan!

Scientists have actually found real evidence that Titan might already have life on it. The planet shot to the top of the list of places we could one day live on, sorry Mars. NASA has a new project, the Dragonfly mission. They’re gonna send a drone out there, and explore Titan even more. The mission’s still about 6 years away, and the rocket will reach Saturn’s moon 9 years after that, so we’re going to have to wait a while before we pack up and move to Titan. So in the meantime, let’s find out more about this amazing celestial body!


Preview photo credit:
A composite image of Saturn’s moon Titan taken by the Cassini spacecraft: By Pablo Carlos Budassi, CC BY-SA 4.0 ,
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What Titan is like 0:35
Titan might already have life on it! 2:53
Nasa’s Dragonfly mission 3:35
What’s a “primordial soup”? 5:52
What if Titan does turn out to be habitable? 6:11

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