They Found a Ship Disappeared in Bermuda Triangle 100 Years Ago

Date: 2020-10-08 13:24:25


The voyage started just like any other. The cargo ship SS Cotopaxi is making another journey to Havana, Cuba, to deliver coal. It’s November 29, 1925. For Captain Meyer and his crew, leaving Charleston Port, South Carolina — it will be the last trip the ship ever makes. Its route ran through the Bermuda Triangle.

Two days into the trip, the ship sent out a distress signal. It had got caught up in a strong tropical storm and turned over on its side. Rain gradually filled the ship’s hold. Then there was a bright white flash, and the ship disappeared without a trace. All 32 crew members, including the captain, were missing. It seems like a classic case of mysterious things going on in the Bermuda Triangle. But this is just one example out of dozens or even hundreds where ships and planes have gone missing in the Bermuda Triangle.


SS Cotopaxi Shipwreck 0:01
Missing planes 4:11
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