There Is A Reason Why Oranges Come In RED Mesh Bags

Date: 2022-01-31 15:02:06


Next time you go grocery shopping, pay attention to the tiny details all around you. Every package color, size, title placement matters! All the hidden details in the objects you find in the supermarket have a message that marketing specialists and designers intended to convey in order to attract a buyer’s attention.

For example, did you notice that oranges are always sold in red mesh bags? Why do they look more appealing this way? And why does a bag of chips always appear half full? Next time you get your favorite cheese, ask yourself why it’s full of holes. Let’s answer these common why’s that appear while you go grocery shopping.


Red mesh bags 00:00
Green mesh bags 00:23
Blue ice pop 00:56
Clock Time by default 02:05
Stitching patterns on mattresses 02:25
Cheese holes 02:56
Coin ridges 03:39
Green billiards table 04:56
Different country names 07:55
Clapperboard 09:12

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